Books by Sydney Banks on The Three Principles

These books are best read for the feeling they provoke rather than their intellectual content. These stories have touched many people in all walks of life. His books are available at Lone Pine Publishing and most can be found at Amazon.

  • The Missing Link  A rich and deep explanation of the principles at the heart of the human experience.
  • The Enlightened Gardener and The Enlightened Gardener Revisited  An unusual gardener explains to a group of professional psychologists the principles operating at the core of our mind.
  • Second Chance and In Quest of the Pearl (sequel to Second Chance) Stories about one man’s journey from suffering to insight. These books embody the principles behind insight and point to the deep intelligence in life from which insight can arise for an individual seeking a new life.
  • Dear Liza  A delightful story of a 7 year old girl and how the principles behind Insight had a powerful impact on her life. A touching book for children of any age.


Other Books on the Principles
These books are all based on an understanding of the principles and are written in a wide range of styles on many different topics. All are available through

  • Our True Identity – The Three Principles by Elsie Spittle

This is a wonderful book about the wisdom that lies within us all. Elsie shares in her down-to-earth style how an understanding of the principles brings insight to leadership, relationships and to life.

  • Someone Should Have Told Us! by Jack Pransky

A simple, pragmatic book on the principles. As with most other books based on this understanding, it offers no skills, techniques or specific advice. It points to the true source of change – from within, from one’s own insight. It makes the case that there really is nothing to do because we already have everything we are looking for inside us, and it is always available no matter what difficult life situations we encounter. Many people in the corporate world have found this book helpful.

  • The Relationship Handbook by George S. Pransky

This very thought-provoking book about relationships has saved many marriages. Although it targets personal relationships and marriage, the precepts are just as applicable to any relationship.

  • The Spark Inside by Ami Mills Naim

A booklet written for young people with examples and stories.

  • Parenting From the Heart by Jack Pransky

A valuable book on parenting from the perspective of the principles at the heart of our experiences in life.

Links for The Three Principles:

This is Sydney Banks’ web-site exactly as he left it when he passed away in 2009. Check the video clips.

Many video clips from many practitioners across the world who base their work on Innate Health and the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

A non-profit organization that is committed to bringing an understanding of The Three Principles to people throughout the world.

The organization dedicated to disseminating the profound message of the three Principles, Mind, Consciousness and Thought, through preservation of Sydney Banks’ works.

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