What is Real-Confidence or Insecurity?

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What is real – confidence or insecurity? We can feel strong and secure in ourselves one moment. In another moment, we find ourselves feeling insecure about the same thing. What if confidence is innate? What if confidence didn’t leave us, it just feels like it does? What if we are born with confidence? What if […]

The Essence of What is Real

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The essence of what is real – I used to think happiness and peace lived outside of me, and I had to do something to feel better. I thought I had to do more and acquire more to reach it. Honestly, sometimes it really does feel that way when I get up in my head […]

Finally Experiencing Simple Forgiveness

Forgiveness blog post

Experiencing forgiveness has been difficult at times in my life. I thought I had to forgive the person and their actions. Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves I found myself “trying” to forgive someone for months, and it was not happening.  Caught in the tangle of trying to make it happen, yet I was getting […]