The Value of Paying Attention to Our State of Mind


The value of paying attention to our state of mind allows us to see the quality of thinking one has in the moment. It is the ratio of how open and receptive our minds are versus how cluttered and distracted. This fluctuates from moment to moment in each of our daily lives. It is an impactful […]

What All “Aha” Moments Have in Common

What all Ah ha blogpost

I recently got curious about Aha moments, what they are and what they all have in common. The definition of an Aha moment at is a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension. Attributes of an Aha moment It is further defined in Wikipedia under Eureka Effect as: A recent theoretical account […]

Where Answers Come From

A young woman with her hand on her chin thinking.

Upon the cusp of recent events in Paris and other parts of the world, I am reflecting on how I feel. Of course, it is very scary, sad and pretty darn unbelievable! And all of those thoughts and more ran through my mind as I watch the news reports. Yet, upon reflection, I know that […]