Freedom To Be You

JoAnne Hilliard

Life is about enjoying our journey, not waiting till we reach our destination.

JoAnne guides individuals to connect to their own innate wisdom, well-being and creativity through an inside out understanding of how we create our experience through the gift of thought. At the heart of her coaching is her ability to see her clients for who they really are underneath their limiting beliefs, fears, and stories. She points them towards their own wisdom instead of the misguided habitual searching outside of themselves for answers. When they insightfully see this understanding, life becomes less complicated and more freeing.

A bit of my story….

In my career as a Coach, I had spent 10 to 12 years looking for answers as to how to help people (including myself) get rid of insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs and begin to be freer to be themselves and more accepting of their human frailties. My family and friends can vouch for the numerous times I was off to another seminar, another training, another retreat always looking for answers to improving lives and living more authentically. At times, I felt I had found some answers that were helpful, but when it came down to it – nothing was sustainable for my clients or myself. All the techniques and tools I had learned have been valuable and have helped many of my clients over the years. Yet, I knew that something was still missing in my own life…real happiness.

When your life is ready, the learning appears! I fortuitously encountered the teachings of an understanding of the nature of how we experience life. Before, I didn’t know how to see what was already there – “the real happiness” that I thought was missing in my life. Now I feel it much of the time and when I don’t I know it is underneath some misguided thinking.  “Everything is different, yet nothing about my situation or life has changed”. My life has become more freeing. I would say a load has been lifted. It is my deep desire to help others uncover this place, a place that is already there in each one of us where we realize our innate well-being, wisdom, creativity and resilience.

The Inspiration that is now behind my Work

Although I have been very fortunate to encounter some incredible mentors, resources, and techniques in my life as a Life Coach, the most profound and sustainable influence has been Sydney Banks’ work as to the nature of our human experience. His work is known as the Three Principles.

William James (1842-1910), known as the father of American psychology stated:

“Someday someone will find principles for psychology and when they do, it will change the field to a philosophy and a science and in turn it will help millions of people.”

This has now become a reality. Sydney Banks discovered these foundational Principles that inform our psychological experience. This understanding has changed thousand of lives and holds great promise for humanity. These principles allow us to make sense of life. When realized, it informs us of our innate mental well being, wisdom and peace of mind.

So here’s the big deal: No matter your past, your circumstances, your future concerns, you can always have access to thrive in any moment. It is how nature works, and humans are part of nature. 


The Other Stuff

Success as a small business owner and also in the corporate world.
Graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.S. degree in Accounting and Finance
Graduate of Coach U, an industry leader in coaching education with additional training in the Core Dynamic Coach Training Program and Transformational Presence Coaching
Enneagram Certification with the Helen Palmer / David Daniels Training Program, Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition
Founding member of what is now the International Coach Federation-Ohio Valley Chapter
Attended The Three Principles School in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and various other programs regarding the Inside-Out Understanding

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