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Image Prep For Blog Post
Step 1

Steps: Photo from pixabay.

Select image to download size 1280 pixels wide (2nd choice)

Find photo in your downloads (date added helps to find it fast)

Finder – GetInfo to rename photo file (one word name best)

Replace text – make sure .jpg (dot-jpg) stays in place

Image Prep For Blog Post
Step 2

Step 2: upload to website
Add to media file in wordpress
SEO setting
Once added click on them to see file options to fill in.
Alternative text – list you name and one word (blog name)
Description – very brief text of what you see in the image
X to exit the image

How to add a NEW BLOG Post

Post on WP left menu
Add New
Title = your title. (Try not to make them long)
Content = copy and paste your text into the editor block area
Check allow comments below editor
Image – feature image at top right (will size automatically based on the template I created)

Adjust date if needed above publish button

How to add SEO to your Post

SEO Steps:
Below the blog post is the Yoast SEO panel:
1. Focus keyword or phase – match your title.
2. Image be sure and put the title of the post in the image title.
3. Short sentences, short paraphrase and use Sub Heading by selecting the heading and using the HEADING pull down where it currently says paragraph.
4. Meta data = title (slug) and the description is a short blurb that starts with the tile and explains clearly what the article is about by using one of the sentences in the blog.
– copy the above into the meta data under the Social Icon area.
Start with the SEO, Readability and then Social Tab.
5. Use an internal link to another post at the end of your post.


Add video to your custom post type

Once you have video made and uploaded to Your Tube

Go to YT Videos – Add New

Add title at top

Add title in field box area as well

Add YT Link in field box – * Important make sure to use the link from the top browser in YT (not the small copy link) Longer links has watch? in it.

Example =

Add feature image (thumbnail)

Click YT video in categories


Create a thumbnail for video - feature image

Go to video – click on PREVIEW program in Mac bottom dock

Go File – Take Screen shot

Drag over area – make more wide than tall – let go

Image now displays in Preview – go to TOOLS – Adjust Size

1. Make sure resolution is 72

2. Change one size portion – height 600

Save – give name and bottom format change to JPG

Saves on your desktop – you can move it later into a folder


Stage One

How to create a product

Stage One = Create the product
1. Start with your product – under SuzyWebCart
– products
– add new at the top
– Title – this is mostly for you, make names different each time (Oct workshop, Nov workshops etc. – Not just workshop)
– Scroll down to ‘Product Settings’ to fill in content forms

– Left panel of Product Settings, only do the ones I am identifying in bold below:
– General – Click Non-taxable
– Payment Plans – + Add New – opens to give new options
– plan ID – for you only, unique to this product, example (oct-workshop)
– Price type – choose – one-time or recurring
– Price
* can also have a recurring type as well
Example One-time 300 / or / Recurring 100 every month for 3 payments.
– Payment Methods – choose stripe only
– Form fields – scroll down to disable phone number
– Coupons – this is optional
– Confirmations –
– type choose – Display Page – pull down shows now choose
(Thank you page ID :965) – important
– Notifications – here you are going to setup 2
– in Name type – Client
– send to choose Purchaser Email
– from name = fill in your name and from email = your email
– subject – type Payment provided
– message – type Thank you – and if you have a zoom link you want to give them then put it in here.
– in Name type – Virginie (this will got to you to let you know someone paid for something)
– send to choose Enter Email
– enter any email you want here ( [email protected] )
– From and email now put in your hello@ email
– Subject – type Payment provided
– Message whatever you want (example – paid for Oct. workshop)

Now scroll up to click Publish or Update on top right area of page to complete.

Stage Two

How to create a Checkout Page

Stage Two = create the checkout page
In WP Admin go to Pages – Add New
– name the page make it unique and always end with ‘checkout’ / click publish
– now click on large blue Elementor button – this open the page builder – wait until it loads in.
– check setting – very bottom left cog –
– in middle top of page you see two folders – one red and one grey / click the grey folder, this is to get to MY Templates Folder – wait for it to open
– now scroll to the file Name – or type the name in the search line
– once file is found – click on INSERT – green button / apply when option comes up
– let is all load in – it will spin – important to let it load in completely
– you can change any text by hovering over it and then click small blue button with edit pencil –
– to make changes you Type in the box on the LEFT panel – then save / update bottom left button
– *to call in the right product on the left side – hover over and click on blue edit button
– now look on your left panel and PULL down the options and select the right product / update at bottom left
– when finished / satisfied with all items on the page – UPDATE bottom left
– then on top left pink bar – 3 lines – this take you to the blue button to exit back to your WP dashboard