Memorable Experiences

Yes, spring is in the air!  It is amazing what the warm sun can do to lift our spirits.  As Shakespeare said, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

I just happened to catch the tail end of Oprah a few weeks ago and it was an episode on Happiness.  Studies have shown that we are happier for much longer periods of time through having memorable experiences than we are by purchasing material items.

I was introduced to the touching story of Johnny the Bagger while reading a newsletter from Business Breakthrough Institute (“”  I thank them for bringing this story to my attention!

It is a pretty amazing story, and if you haven’t read it, I invite you to check it out at  “” \ “”  It is about a young man with limitations who makes a remarkable difference as a bagger in a large grocery store.  This seemingly small difference made a tremendous impression on his peers and the customers.  Johnny’s idea turned out to be transformational, and some would think he was the most unlikely of employees to do this.

Johnny provided a great service that came from his heart.   Our world, with so many distractions and concerns, is a sponge for heartfelt gestures.    What small heartfelt gesture could you bring to your job, your business, or your life to enrich others and bring a real sense of fulfillment by simply creating a memorable experience?

Cheers to YOU!

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