Setting an Intention

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.  Yes, it is that time of year – the time for new resolutions!  Some of us are good at keeping resolutions and some of us aren’t.  They haven’t worked that well for me over my lifetime!

What does work well for me is to set an Intention.
An Intention is a power, a force. It is fueled by faith.  We are designed to get what we authentically want through God, the Universe, a Higher Power.  Most of us don’t have a strong enough appreciation of the power of Intention as a force for getting what we genuinely want.  We say….but it is not reality!  I say reality may be focusing on what’s not working in your life.  Energy flows where attention goes.  So if you want what is not working in your life to continue, just continue to focus on reality!  Phrases such as “I’m fat, I can’t afford, the economy is killing me, that won’t work” are just bringing more energy to what is not working for you.

I read a story about a corporate trainer (let’s call her Carol) who travels over the country training and consulting.  When she first started traveling, she had horrible experiences.   The planes were late.  She missed flights, lost bags and ended up sleeping in airports a few times.  Carol even got her wallet stolen and on top or that was mugged.  Now those are some pretty horrific travel experiences, and yes, it was her reality.  The more she worried, the worse it got.  She actually never missed a training, but she did arrive exhausted and unsettled.

Carol finally asked herself, “Is this the way I want to travel?”  So she decided to set an Intention of what she wanted her travel experience to be.  She created a very clear vision and began thinking, feeling and acting as if arriving rested and relaxed was the only possibility.

She began to arrive early at the airport.  She stopped working on the flights to become more relaxed.  She traveled with earplugs in case her flight was noisy. She arrived early at her hotels and took herself out to dinner at nice restaurants where she was graciously served then went to bed early.  All of her energy was 100% focused on being rested and relaxed.

Once in awhile there was mechanical difficulty, and she chose to think that someone was taking care of her.  After all, wouldn’t you rather be delayed than in a plane that was unsafe to be in the air?

This has worked for me also.  I have had nothing but uneventful travel experiences for the last several years whether traveling by plane or car.  I set my Intention to have uneventful experiences.  I think this year, I will add rested and relaxed to this Intention!

In setting an Intention, you have to clear the maybe or can’t nonsense from your consciousness.  You can’t allow the luxury of a negative thought.  It will manifest what you don’t want.  Everything is energy.  We learned that we were made of atoms and molecules in elementary school.  Quantum physics has proven that everything is made of energy.   The Universe is simply reflecting back at us what we ask for.  For Intentions to work, it is a must that we remove insecurities, limiting beliefs, doubts or worries about the Intention.
•    Intention: Have a clear vision on what change it is that you want to make. What is not working in your life?
•    Attention: Align your thoughts, words, feelings and actions with that intention.
•    Let Go:  Let go and trust that God, the universe will take care of you and support you.  This step is extremely important.  Many tend to worry about how it will happen thus losing connection to a higher power.
What is your focus most of the day?  Is it on what’s working for you, or what’s not working for you?  The power of Intention is a real force.  I invite you to make it happen for you.

As always, you may call or email me with any questions or comments.

Cheers to YOU,

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