The Power of Thought

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”   Norman Vincent Peale

Do you believe in the tremendous power of thought? Many of the wise and famous throughout history have been telling us of this power, and now modern psychologists have been reiterating this.

With the current economic situation, I feel the power of thought is even more important than in prosperous times.  Over and over, I hear people say — there are no jobs out there, no one is buying houses, banks are not lending money, no opportunities are available, no this, no that.  Yes, the reality is that times have changed.

I ask you, is the no and not in the above statement serving any of us well?

Last summer, I found a house in a downtown neighborhood that I really wanted, so I immediately put my home on the market.  Reality was that there were 4 houses already for sale on my street and several more in my neighborhood.  Also, it was a challenging time for sellers.

I readjusted my reality and told myself – Even though it is a challenging time for sellers, there is the right buyer for my home.  My home sold in 4 months.  Now, I am not saying that my house sold just because I felt that there was the right buyer.  Who knows?  What I do know is that with my thoughts, I certainly didn’t close off the opportunity of a prospective buyer appearing.  My thoughts opened up a feeling of hope.  The negative can shut down any hope and can allow us to feel contracted and lacking.  A more positive approach can offer a feeling of expansiveness and opportunity.

If our thoughts are so powerful, can you see how the words no, not and never can affect your life?  When it comes to what you really want, can you see how important it may be to pay close attention to how you use those words?

Here’s a simple exercise that can offer a new way to look at a challenging situation.  I have coined this exercise “Readjusting Reality”.

Here’s an example of Readjusting Reality:

Are there really no jobs in the current economy?
There may be fewer jobs, but are there really no jobs?

The readjusted reality is that there are fewer jobs in the current economy.

Now, how about going one step further and saying:

Even though there are fewer jobs in the current economy, there is a job for me.
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