What is our Trust level?

“Before we can make friends with anyone else, we must first make friends with ourselves.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes we get impatient and frustrated wanting life to happen when we want it to happen.  We may feel that we want to control the situation and may do our best to control it.  We try to arrange and rearrange, check and recheck adding to our overwhelm and sometimes even bringing in drama.  And yes, there are some people that thrive on drama, and they can suck the energy out of you if you allow them.  I’m not talking about those people.  I’m simply talking about what is the trust level in our life?

If we want more trust, how can we put trust into our lives?  How can we trust that sometimes life doesn’t happen when we want it and can really happen in beautiful ways when the time is right – which requires trusting.

As I look back on my life, I know now that things have happened for reasons.  Were some of those times painful and difficult?   You bet!!!  But looking back, I’m really glad where I am now, and I know with pain there can be LESSONS, GROWTH and GAIN.  Looking back on your life, what were the lessons?  Have the painful times brought you any growth or gain?  Have things worked out for you in beautiful ways?  If not, how can you turn that around?  What good can we bring forth from our pain?  Isn’t life too precious to stay stuck?

It is really important to move through your pain and begin when you’re ready to focus on what you really, really want.  What is keeping you from putting your energy in believing that you can’t have it?  Whether it be better health, better relationships, a more rewarding job or career, a change in attitude has to occur.  We can spend so much time giving an enormous amount of energy to what we don’t want.  Things truly can change when you spend more time focusing and giving energy to what you do want.  Now, I know that there is a lot more to this.  But a good place to start is to begin noticing when you are focusing on what you don’t want and spend more time focusing on what you do want.  For example, if you want a better relationship, begin focusing on what a good relationship looks like.  Write down what you want in a relationship; notice when you are around people in good relationships.  Feel it and begin developing your trust level to know you will have it.  How often do sports teams win if they feel they can’t?  The best teams do their outer work (their practice), and they do their inner work too. When the timing is right, the stars do align.  What immediately comes to my mind is the Super Bowl win by the New Orleans Saints.  What perfect timing for them and for their city.  So I write very lovingly, please do your work and learn to trust and also trust in the timing.

Cheers to you!

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