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Decisions Made Naturally

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Albert Einstein

“In my own business, after getting pulled by advisors, lawyers and accountants into the usual analytic process, and getting nowhere near resolution of what seemed like an increasingly complicated problem, I came to my senses, locked my office door, and went to the beach for a few days, completely leaving the problem behind. As I returned home, not having given a moment of my peace of mind away to the problem, I stopped in a diner for a quick meal. In front of me was a paper placemat with a geometric design. As I stared at it idly, I saw a timeline with a series of simple steps. I drew it out in the placemat. Aha! It was a totally fresh idea, but in that moment I saw for sure it was the answer I had been looking for. It turned out to be an elegant solution. My advisors were astonished that this simple idea had not occurred to any of us while we were wrestling with the problem!”

And so many of us, myself included, spend much time lost in our problems! We over analyze, worry, feel overwhelmed and anxious, sometimes even unable to fathom a possible solution. We have forgotten our “sacred gift” of intuition or insight as relayed in the quote above by Albert Einstein. This gift is always available to every single one of us. And it best comes when we decide to let go, to loosen our control, relax, give our busy mind a rest, take a break! It comes when we are in a good state of mind. Calmness, peace of mind is our natural default state. Only our innocent misuse of thought takes us away from that.

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