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Looking for that “Loving Feeling”

I have taken a hiatus from writing this newsletter for a few months, and now I am happy to be back. I actually set out to write a newsletter quite a few times, yet not much came out. I only want to write when it comes to me and not because I think I should.

Looking for that “Loving Feeling”

As human beings we love to feel good. (Actually, we are spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth.) When we are in a good mood, a good feeling appears easily and very naturally.

Yet, as humans, our moods go up and down. We can’t help it, and it is totally innocent. It is what we do as humans. There are times when we aren’t in a really good mood that we look outside of ourselves to make ourselves happy and feel better.

I’ll admit, there are times when I feel down and want to feel better, and I open the refrigerator door! The food tastes so good and feels somewhat comforting. And yes, I can over indulge. Momentarily, I am feeling better. Believe me – it is a quick fix and after a few minutes, I really don’t feel so good. Once in awhile, it is a Margarita that I look to and once again, the feeling is oh so temporary! I would guess that most, if not all, of us look for something outside of ourselves to feel good at times. This is at the root of every addiction – whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, shopping, sex, etc. We are looking for a way to make ourselves feel better.

What if I were to tell you that the feeling of well-being and joy is our natural state of being? Behind all of our personal thought is a wealth of our own well-being. We won’t find it in our negative, fearful thinking or our false ego self. It is the natural state of our True Self, who we really are authentically – our kind, understanding, compassionate, loving selves. So it makes sense that we would innocently look for that sense of well-being somewhere outside of ourselves because of our desire to feel good not knowing it is who we are at our core, our spiritual essence. It is that feeling we have when we see a beautiful sunset, hear the birds sing or lovingly hug our animals and children. It’s through our hearts, and it allows our soul to sing.

When we are in a lower mood, we see the world through a lens of our own personal thoughts- our own perceptions, limiting beliefs and fears. That is why we reach for other things outside of ourselves to feel good because we aren’t aware that it is who we really are. If we just allow our negative thoughts to pass, to settle and not grab onto them and try to figure them out, a better thought will appear. If we don’t take our moods so seriously, a better mood will come in time. The answer is truly “thought” and once we understand at a deep level the principle of thought, our world changes. We don’t take our thoughts so seriously, and we live in the feeling we desire much more of the time. That feeling of who we really are – love, compassion, well-being; that feeling of home.

Cheers and love to you,

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