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The Beauty of SIMPLIFY!

I recently saw the word, Simplify, on a bookmark a friend had given me. We now know that it behooves us to simplify our lives, our homes, and our workspaces. In other words, clear out the clutter. Something about it brings clarity, calmness, a feeling of lightness. Even Pope Francis embraces a life of simplicity.

So much of what we innocently and unknowingly take on in our mind is really not our job and keeps us from ourselves and others. After all, if we reflect on when we are most happy, there are not a lot of thoughts running around in our head. Actually, when we are truly in the moment, our head is pretty empty allowing us to really be present. And when we are that present, we feel safe and life is good. And we connect with ourselves and others.

As I, a non-Catholic, watched the Pope at the Interfaith Peace Ceremony at Ground Zero, I felt his presence, the real peace within him. I, as many of you who have been fortunate enough to watch some of the coverage, can’t seem to get enough of the feeling he omits through his essence. This Pope embodies peace, love and hope for the entire world. What a gift for all that he has been here in the U.S. this week. His acknowledging the best in all of us touches our own innate goodness. Many truly feel it in our hearts, and yes, it is there. Peace, goodness and well-being are in all of us. It is our birthright. It is who we are; it is our true nature, our inner self. It connects us together for the greater good.

The Young People’s Chorus of New York City sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth” at the end of the Interfaith Ceremony. As we know, the next line in that song is “And Let It Begin With Me”.

I am moved to invite those who may be searching to feel their own peace within to better connect with themselves, their families, their work and community, to have a conversation with me about coaching. And even if you think your resources aren’t adequate, I am honored to offer you “pay what you can”. I want everyone who wants coaching to be able to have it. It may be time to stop innocently holding on to worry, anger, judgment, fear, insecurities, control or whatever else is in the way of seeing the beauty, goodness and power inside of us – our true nature. For by feeling the peace within us, we better serve the world. It really is my hope that this message gets to anyone who may feel drawn to coaching.

Many blessings and warm wishes to all and that very much includes dear Pope Francis!

Cheers and Love to You,

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