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The Essence of What is Real

The essence of what is real – I used to think happiness and peace lived outside of me, and I had to do something to feel better. I thought I had to do more and acquire more to reach it. Honestly, sometimes it really does feel that way when I get up in my head about things. I’ve come to realize that my busy mind and overthinking are taking me away from me and far away from the answers I am seeking.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What comes and goes?

It often feels like we are only human beings having a spiritual experience just every once in a while! We can innocently live in the stories of our past or the concerns of our future. We feel like we need to improve ourselves, to fix ourselves to be more, do more, live better lives than we do. We forget the fertile ground that is already in us.

Let’s look at this through a metaphor using nature. Actually, we are the miracle of nature.

There is the big blue expansive sky. Clouds come through the sky always changing and moving. Sometimes it seems that the blue sky is no longer there because the clouds are dark and the weather may be stormy. But is that really true that the blue sky is no longer there? The blue sky never changes or leaves. It is a constant. Clouds and storms are what are changing, always moving through the sky sometimes distorting our view of the blue sky. 

What is the constant in us? 

What if we are just like the blue sky? Our true essence, our true nature is always a constant. As humans, it’s the thoughts and feelings that come and go. We can experience a full-blown horror movie or a nice summer stroll through the same park according to what our senses make of the thoughts and feelings that come through our heads. It feels real whatever it is. Yet in truth just like in the movie theater, we are safe in our seats. Our true essence is still there. It’s the thoughts and feelings that are moving and changing distorting our view of reality.

The built-in design of our minds

What happens when our minds settle down? When we drop all of the stories about ourselves and others and pay less attention to our thinking, our minds will settle down. Our minds are designed to settle down. We get our bearings back, our common sense. It’s here that we have access to our built-in resilience, our truth, our own guidance, and answers. It’s our sweet spot, our home base where we can see life more clearly. It’s underneath all of our busy thinking.

It’s the peace and happiness that lies within us, the essence of who we are. It’s where truth lives – our own truth. No one can give us these answers, it comes from this space. They are specific to us, not someone else. It is our energy of aliveness. It’s our natural feel-good place. It’s our creative force. It provides inspired action. It’s always available. It’s what we are all looking for outside of ourselves. It’s where we can see that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s in the present moment, the Now. It is home.

“Begin the process of nourishing the soul by living in the Now.”

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

When we are in this space, we know this is true.


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