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Using Your Thoughts to Make You Feel Good

Thought is a powerful tool and a gift we have been given.  I have come to realize this much more in the past few months.   Our thoughts make our reality.  They are like a paintbrush, and we have choice to paint what we would like to see.

As humans, we weren’t necessarily taught this.  So we can easily misuse our thoughts, very innocently.  Honestly, some of us were taught to think in a way that does not serve us.  We were taught to judge, to compare, to worry, to feel guilty, to focus on what we don’t want, etc.  Thought is the culprit of our emotions and feelings.

When considering thought as a tool and precious gift, we can see that we can choose to use it more wisely.

There is a wonderful network organization called Women Leading Kentucky.  At each of their Roundtable Luncheons, they ask if anyone is “exploring new opportunities”.  These creative words came from a thought.  I love the feeling I get when I hear them ask this.  What a great way of saying, “Is anyone here looking for a job… or worse, needing a job?”  The women at this luncheon who are “exploring new opportunities” are offered a chance to tell the audience what they are looking for.

“Exploring new opportunities” comes off in my head as exciting and interesting instead of the possible dread of needing to look for a job.  After all, what is really important when looking for a job and in an actual job interview?  Feeling good and being in a good mood makes a profound difference.  When we feel good, we’re happy and feel much more secure in ourselves.  We come across better and connect in a more genuine way.  A resume tells about our experience, education and credentials.  What a good job interviewer wants to see is our confidence, our potential, how well we connect and think on our feet.  We have a much better opportunity to offer this by feeling good.  We’re actually more intelligent when we are in a better mood.  Our mind is freer of thoughts that do not serve us.  We are more alert, more relaxed, more present and in the moment. We aren’t taking ourselves so seriously.

I love that thought is a creative tool and wonderful gift, and we get to “choose” how we use it whether it be wisely or unwisely.

We will explore this and much more in the Monday night group, Making Life “Easier”, starting immediately.  For information, see the column to the left or visit my website.

Cheers to You and Love,

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