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What All “Aha” Moments Have in Common

I recently got curious about Aha moments, what they are and what they all have in common. The definition of an Aha moment at Merriam-Webster.com is a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.

Attributes of an Aha moment

It is further defined in Wikipedia under Eureka Effect as: A recent theoretical account of the Aha! moment started with four defining attributes of this experience. First, the Aha! moment appears suddenly; second, the solution to a problem can be processed smoothly, or fluently; third, the Aha! moment elicits positive affect; fourth, a person experiencing the Aha! moment is convinced that a solution is true.

What I have seen

Here’s what I know about an Aha moment, an insight. It is not an understanding that comes through our intellect. It’s not derived from trying to figure things out in our heads. An aha moment comes to us when we least expect it, and it gives us fresh insight into something that we have never seen before. It’s designed specifically for us and our situation. It is a truth, and it is refreshing, inspiring and can be liberating when we have it.

Where does it come from?

The answer to that is God, universal mind, universal energy, the amazing force behind life or whatever you prefer to call it. I used to and still do sometimes look to my intellect, my own resources to figure problems out and look for answers. My mind can swim in overthinking and confusion. That angst feeling is a clue to back off from all of my thinking and see what comes.

What it has to offer

It can be an answer to a problem you have been trying to figure out for a long time and finally stopped thinking about, also know as “letting go”. It can be sparked by something someone else said, a question you asked, something you see and comes when we least expect it. It doesn’t happen when thoughts are churning inside of our heads. Whenever it does happen, It is when we are relaxed and calm. This is actually our natural state, our true nature.

I like to ask my clients when their fresh ideas appear. Some of the answers are: driving their car on a pretty day, playing golf, in the shower, on vacation, when meditating. One client even said after drinking a beer! A friend who happened to be in one of those wonderful flow states while working had an Aha moment. His insight came through to him loud and clear – “You’ve been over thinking this; just go ahead and ask her to marry you!” And, of course, he did wiht a deep knowing it really was what he wanted.

What do all of these moments have in common?

They happen not because we are doing something to get calm. They happen because our mind is calm, and a calm mind is a clear mind. Our mind is designed to settle on its own, just like our bodies are designed to heal when we have a cut. When our mind is relaxed and clear, we are in touch with who we are at our core allowing our very own special answers to appear.

When do you have those Aha moments? As always, I enjoy hearing from you.

Cheers and love to you,

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