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Upon the cusp of recent events in Paris and other parts of the world, I am reflecting on how I feel. Of course, it is very scary, sad and pretty darn unbelievable! And all of those thoughts and more ran through my mind as I watch the news reports. Yet, upon reflection, I know that the more that fear is felt by the masses, the more it fuels terrorists. They thrive on upsetting our world, when our fears, angers, and other negative emotions take over. This is when we are at our weakest and don’t have our wits about us.

I know that all human beings have a built in resilience within us, and that when our minds get back to a clear state after upset, we are capable of amazing strength and wisdom. When we continuously feed our upset thoughts, we don’t have the ability to access a clear mind, our natural state of being. Everyone’s intelligence drops when their thoughts produce fear, anger, worry, etc. I call that the “me, me, me world” when we can see little but ourselves! When we allow our thoughts to settle to a clear mind, we see the situation without it being filtered through fear and anger or whatever else is going on in our heads. Here we have access to our heart, that place deep inside of us where our own wisdom resides, specifically designed for each of us and is in all of us. From here, we can see a bigger picture and can be more open to listening to all sides, to have access to fresh ideas, and our own answers.

I invite each of you to see what comes up for you when you allow your thoughts to settle and your mind is clear in any upsetting or unsettling situation.

As always, I welcome any responses.

Wishing each of you a very heartwarming and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Cheers and love to YOU,

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