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Embracing Love, Seeing Beyond Fear

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love.

When we are afraid, we pull back from life.

When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer.”

John Lennon

Understanding Fear

We all have fear at times. It is part of being human. There are two forms of fear. Real fear triggers our fight or flight response which serves to protect us while psychological fear, driven by our ego, originates from the personal thinking of our minds.

Psychological fear can freeze us, suppress our actions, keep us from exploring new experiences, and from expressing our true nature. Dwelling in psychological fear, we may find ourselves worrying about an uncertain future or lost in a past that no longer exists in the present moment. However, It’s important to remember that these thoughts are mere mental constructs and do not define our true essence.

The Many Faces of Fear

Fear manifests in various forms such as anger, jealousy, irritation, judgment, divisiveness, shame, guilt, worry, anxiousness, overwhelm, resistance, etc. It is known that when we are are in upset, we lose our wits about us. We all have experienced people that are upset and actually make no sense or very little sense while they are upset. This is easy to see in others!

Navigating Fear

The dance between love and fear is a part of our human experience. The key is to notice the gift of our feelings. When we are in fearful thinking, we feel fear within its different faces. Our feelings are a gift to guide us. If it is an uncomfortable feeling, we don’t have to give it energy. It is just thought created fear and has no power over us. So just notice. It will pass, and a better thought will come. The more we see what ego thought really is, the more we don’t take it seriously and love can prevail.

Honestly, as I write this I can feel the fear coming through as resistance, the ego thinking that feels so real. “What if this blog doesn’t make sense? What will people think of me? Yada, yada, Yada!” My familiar personal thinking is showing up making me feel insecure in the moment. After all, what people think is out of my control. My business is to see the illusion in these unhelpful thoughts and be okay with the uncomfortable feeling which lets me know I am off track. I’m projecting a made up future. So many times this has stopped me from being involved in life. 

The Truth and Power of Love

Love, an eternal truth, guides us toward expansiveness and unlimited possibilities. When we are in love, not just with another person, but with life itself, we are curious, creative, compassionate and have access to our innate wisdom. Love becomes our lens through which we perceive and engage with the world.  

As we gain a deeper understanding of the transient nature of thoughts, we cease to take them seriously, allowing love to prevail. The feelings of gratitude and appreciation serve as a gateway to love, further strengthening our connection with ourselves and the world.

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Love and goodwill are always the answer. This is the God force within each of us. With loving energy we see a different world. We see the world as it is not through the false lens of fear in all of its various forms. 

I invite us all to spend more time embracing the world through love and goodwill, and see how our lives look different.

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