The Value of Paying Attention to Our State of Mind

The value of paying attention to our state of mind allows us to see the quality of thinking one has in the moment. It is the ratio of how open and receptive our minds are versus how cluttered and distracted. This fluctuates from moment to moment in each of our daily lives. It is an impactful yet mostly invisible variable in business and also in our personal lives.

The freer our mind, the more we are available to feel compassion, goodwill, trust and understanding and our own innate well-being. There is an ability to make better decisions, have fresh ideas, listen without the bias of our own agenda and see a bigger picture. Our mind is clearer and more present.

Distracted States of Mind

In a distracted state of mind, we tend to have “me, me, me” thinking, such as “how will this affect me?”; “he is doing this to me”; “I’m right, you’re wrong,” etc. Our mind is more cluttered and closed with a limited perception.

This explains the following quote that some attribute to Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We are unknowingly victims of our state of mind and can wake up to that. The value of paying attention to our state of mind is key.

There will always be emails that upset us. Most of the time our common sense knows it is best to wait to respond, and we may even decide to sleep on it. You reread it the next morning and see something entirely different. The email has not changed; only the clarity of our mind has changed.

Where we come from inside ourselves shapes what comes after. Become more aware of our fluctuating state of mind is key.

Notice the feeling

The most visible part of what is happening in our mind is how we feel. For example, notice the feeling of rush — a revved up, uncomfortable feeling. What if that feeling is a warning sign that our thinking is sped up and worried?

Take a pause, and realize you have a choice

We can choose whether we remain feeling rushed or not. What if this rushed feeling is only a sign of what is going on in our head? We may start thinking about being late and all of its ramifications and what others will think, taking you out of the moment and into forward-looking anxiety.

Notice your thinking

It’s not about changing our thinking. It’s about seeing it as unhelpful and being okay with it to allow it to pass on its own without resistance. Resistance to what is causes suffering. Our mind is designed for a better thought to come, allowing us to get back to clarity and common sense. We can still be walking or driving faster, yet without the rushed angst or hurried thoughts. This leaves us to be more present to what is in front of us and are apt to arrive in a more relaxed state of mind. We forget that a calm, clear mind is our innate default setting.

Once we start to see state of mind for what it is, we can start to adjust. Instead of attributing difficulties to stress and pressures to circumstances, we can see them as a function of the quality of our thinking. That alone will help.

Experience it for yourself.

Don’t simply believe me. That won’t make a difference in your life. It’s like learning to ride a bike — you must experience it yourself. 

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